Thursday, July 01, 2010

Could we get by with one less Highland Councillor in Nairn?

At last night’s cuts consultation former Cllr David Fraser suggested a big cutback in the number of councillors in the Highlands, he told the meeting:

I heard Cllr Foxley on the radio recently saying there were no sacred cows. I just wonder why they haven’t considered a reduction in the number of councillors because I feel the Council should petition the Scottish Government to reduce the councillors by 25% and save half a million a year.’

Sandy replied that that had come up at several consultations and he’d mentioned it recently to John Swinney. ‘I think a reduction in councillors maybe the way to go,’ he said.


mac the knife said...

Suggestion... after the recent Provost sacking why not hold an election in Nairn and we'll only have councillors for those folk who get over 1000 votes

There could be quite a saving

you're fired said...

One less? I can think of three that I wouldn't miss!