Friday, July 30, 2010

Library, swimming pool and much, much more to be outsourced?

Looks like the whole Culture & Leisure show could be leaving Glenurquhart Road for pastures (outsourced) new. Here's a press release from the Highland Council:
'Highland Councillors are being asked to agree the principle of establishing an arms-length organisation to deliver all activity concerning its leisure and cultural services. The services involved are swimming pools, leisure centres, sports activity, arts and culture, heritage and museums, community centres, libraries, archives, youth work and adult learning. The Education Culture and Sport Committee will consider a report on Thursday 5 August which recommends the principle of outsourcing all of the Council’s leisure and cultural services. Already 17 of Scotland’s 32 councils have gone down the route of managing, usually sports facilities through this mechanism.
Feedback from recent public budget consultations backs up the Council Administration’s view savings achieved by doing this could safeguard the maximum number of services during the forthcoming period of financial cutbacks. Public responses have told the Council that it is critical that services continue to be run efficiently and that there is no significant increase in prices.
In his report to the committee, Hugh Fraser, Director of Education Culture and Sport, said the financial advantages of outsourcing are primarily through savings achieved where an arms-length organisation with charitable status qualifies for non-domestic rates relief. Some increased opportunities to raise funds exist and a pattern of reduced costs is the norm. Savings of £700,000 could be possible. He said: “The aim of establishing a single organisation covering all leisure and cultural activity currently run by the Council would be to provide high quality services to the public whilst at the same time making savings on running costs as a result of the charitable status of an arms length organisation. Speed is therefore of the essence. Key decisions are required over the next few months on a range of detailed issues. The aim would be for transfer to happen as early into the financial year 2011/12 as possible” The Committee is being recommended to establish a project board, comprising key members of the senior management team, to lead progress on developing the ALO. Early work would be the preparation of a Service Level Agreement between the Council and the new organisation; the range of buildings and assets to be leased to or managed by the ALO; proposed staffing transfers; central support; capital funding and building and grounds maintenance arrangements.'
Might be one way forward but where would you go if you had a complaint about any of the services provided? Would there be any need for any more involvement from Councillors? The shape or the brave new credit-crunched world in the Highlands is looming on the horizon.


Swan flew over the cuckoo's nest said...

was this plan B all along?

wool, pull, eyes, over said...

Sounds like it's all going to be out of arms length and we won't be able to get hold of any of it, still, I'm glad they held that excellent consultancy meeting and decided we all must be as green as we're cabbage looking!

Graisg said...

Got any better ideas woolly pully?

wool, pull, etc said...

Any better ideas? yes make all the bankers empty their pockets and give us our money back

Have people really forgotten why we are in this mess?

Graisg said...

Was it only the bankers that were spending money they didn't have?

wool, etc said...

It certainly wasn't just bankers spending money they didn't have, but it's our money that was used to bail them out and is the reason why we are now facing severe cuts in public services

Fingers may wag at the way councils have spent or rather misspent monies in recent years, but that's a very small tip of the iceberg compared to the way in which we have been forced into bailing out irresponsible financial institutions, who still manage to pay out staff bonuses - just how stupid do they think we are?

Anonymous said...

So, who will be charged with the responsibility of running this 'arm's length' organsiation?

If it proves too costly or complicated to provide some services what then?

Who or what will this organisation be accountable to?

Is it a genuine attempt to secure a future for this myriad of services by the best use of the rules that govern how money is spent?

So many questions; so few answers at the moment