Monday, July 05, 2010

It’s all so political…

With only a couple of hours before the latest edition of the Nairnshire appears on the shelves of the Co-op it is perhaps worth reflecting on part of last week’s editorial:

‘No-one can deny that the puncturing of an economic bubble and the subsequent rescuing of a banking system has created huge debt. But it should not be forgotten that this is also a political matter. When Alston, Park et al come to Nairn tomorrow, wringing their municipal hands and asking for our help and forbearance in axing items that we thought were at the core of local life, then Nairnites should remember that they elect them and the certainties of gloom and doom that they will relate are also a matter of choice. This is politics.’

Iain Bain was of course referring to the Ward Forum Cuts meeting held in Rosebank last Wednesday night. The cuts that Highland Council are going to make are a political process, the Ward Forum road shows were part of that process and it was bizarre to see Councillor Alston accuse Liz MacDonald of trying to score political points. Maybe he just doesn’t understand Nairn, Liz is an SNP councillor yes but her personal politics are closer to the sentiments of the community then any political party, this was reflected in her coming top of the poll at the last election. In attacking Liz, Cllr Alston was in fact taking a swipe at the Community as the angry reaction he provoked from those present demonstrated. Is there anyone that believes that Liz is political and the Highland Council Administration is not? Here’s something that was sent in by one of the Gurnites, it’s an Audit Scotland Document entitled Best Value 2 pathfinder Audit, Highland Council

'103. There is strong political leadership in the council, with an administration that works consistently and effectively and an effective opposition. This contributes to a clear and consistent strategic direction. Elected members demonstrate good leadership, and working relationships between party groups, among members and between members and officers are generally good. Members have a positive approach and work well together in the interest of the whole of the Highland area.'

So Audit Scotland think Highland Council is a political council, somebody had better tell Mr Alston.

It'll be interesting indeed to see what the Nairnshire made of the proceedings last week especially as Sandy Park began with a quick barb intended for Iain Bain. He said, ' I think we did get a wee mention from Mr Bain that maybe we wouldn't take the consultation seriously but I think in all fairness we will, this will be fair, Councillor David Alston will explain that when he does his introduction.'

More later on the Co-op shelves - have 40p ready.

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Knight of the long knives said...

An excellent post hitting so many nails (or should that read errant councillors) on the head

There is an arrogance amongst certain councillors that they can do as they please, they may find that as they swing the axe to our services, voters will strike them down at the next election