Sunday, July 25, 2010

Minking the system

Thanks to Tommy Hogg for this excellent picture - it will enlarge a little.
Earlier this morning a flotilla of mink sailed past Swan Island, their heads just visible above the water but a V shaped ripple giving away their individual positions. They crossed to the wall by the pumping station and began to explore their way along towards the Bailey Bridge gathering a large audience of human admirers as they continued on their expedition. The presence of the human race did not seem to intimidate these creatures at all. Once past the other side of the bridge their antics caused much amusement as they tried to climb the wooden piles and parts of bare stone wall with varying degrees of success. One of them installed itself in a recess in the wall and seemed to have made itself quite at home. Below a larger mink made efforts to get the youngsters back into the water by dragging them by the neck. For around twenty minutes the mink road show continued.
Time to keep your mink on a lead?


growtosow said...

nice shot will need too keep a lookout for them.

Unknown said...

Well captured, Tommy Hogg.