Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selling a car up a gum tree

One of the regular gurnites tells us how she sold a car at the weekend. She'd recently brought one (after seeing it on the web) and then wanted to get rid of the old one. She thought about e-bay but was reluctant to fork out the cut that they would have wanted so she tried the free ad service on gumtree early on Sunday morning. She wasn't sure how successful that would be but was willing to give it a go before resorting to e-bay. Within 25 minutes she'd had a phone call from Aberdeen and the caller told her that they were heading for the Inverness bus with their cash in their pocket. They eventually arrived a few hours later and after a test drive left for home with their 'new' car. The seller also had three other inquiries, one of them during the test drive, which was perhaps handy.
Looks like the days of small ads in dead tree media could well be numbered.


small ads said...

Gumtree gets my thumbs up and rather than bin or buy something try freecycle first

there is also a Moray group

Anonymous said...

Gumtree Inverness & Aberdeen are great for free ad's for all sorts of things.
If you are giving things away or having a clear out try Freecycle - most things can find new homes - preventing them from going to the tip or landfill. Recycling & great if you can't get it to the charity shop or recycling facility/tip.