Thursday, July 22, 2010

County Social Club to be Sports Bar?

Remember the night club application that failed and then went to appeal to be refused by the Scottish Government's reporter? Well another application is in for the Nairn County Social Club and once again the applicant is a Mr P Moore, this time with a proposal for a Sports Bar. You can see the drawings here and the application details here. The previous application for a night club is here.


APTSec said...

looks like the latest is unavailable for viewing at the moment

10 number 6 said...

Enlightened as many of us are in 2010, I have to ask the question where does the notion of a 'sports bar' come into play?
I suspect that rather than for athletes this so called sports club will be offering pool, darts, and dominoes, and perhaps a quick drag on a fag outside the front door
Is this really a vision of what Nairn needs, or is the developer hoping for a true repeal of the no smoking rules by the government, and then we can return to the really unhealthy good old days

Drinky Poos said...

Hope this new project gets the go ahead as i think it would attract the likes of the exotic creature
featured elsewhere on this blog
the gorgeous Fabianna Schweppes-Kradlekapp, now thats a lady I would buy a drink for, Cheers!!!!

Graisg said...

Check the drawings 10No6 a part of what is now the inside upstairs will somehow become an outdoor smoking area - might mean noise however so I imagine this will receive the full attention of the planners and the neighbours and the councillors?
I was in a sports bar recently and must say I quite enjoyed the experience, there was a forumal whatsit racing car hanging from the ceiling and lots of screens showing cricket. After a couple of beers the novelty had worn off however and the crowd I was with moved off in search of other more interesting pubs.

Howzat! said...

Even if the extensive smoking balcony does pass planning will this be enough to draw punters through the door?
Perhaps I'm passing at the wrong times but most bars in Nairn seem to have a distinctive empty feel to them, even at what were traditionally busy periods
I think most folk have sussed that if you really want a pint and a fag, shop at the supermarkets for loss leader booze and sit at home
Good luck to the new smokers bar, perhaps they will offer free taxi rides home to anyone daft enough to drink there
Myself, can't wait to watch the big screen cricket and have a shot at all the sports on offer