Friday, July 23, 2010

Where is Nairn exactly?

Letter to the Gurn from Duncan Brown

Dear Gurn

I’m reading a book published last year called “Blood In The Glens” by Jean McLennan.
It is a book about murders that have occurred in the Scottish highlands.
Re the murder of Alistair Wilson, Crescent Road, the writer explains that on the day of the murder Alistair and friends had been walking in the Culbin Forest “which extends eastwards from just beyond the outskirts of Nairn in Inverness-shire towards Findhorn Bay.” (Mistake No. 1)
The very next sentence is: “Nairn is a popular seaside resort on the Moray Firth, with a links golf course.” (Mistake No.2)
The above mistakes apart, it is a very well written book!

Kind regards


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