Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kennel Cough and Parvovirus

Two alerts have been received for dog owners from our Veterinary correspondent.

The first warning is regarding Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory infection which is highly contagious. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are if your dog develops a dry, hacking cough, goes off its food and seems listless. All dogs can get it and particular attention should be paid to dogs which have underlying conditions, puppies and elderly dogs. If you think your dog has Kennel Cough consult your vet about treatment. Vaccines are available and the vet can advise you regarding these. Check out this video at YouTube to get an idea of the coughing.

More information on Kennel Cough can be found

The other condition doing the rounds is Parvovirus with reports of an increase of cases in
Aberdeen. This is an extremely serious virus which can kill your beloved pooch or leave it with serious long term health problems if it survives. Although puppies are very susceptible this virus can affect dogs of any age which have not been vaccinated.
The main symptoms are;

  • Severe, foul smelling diarrhoea which can be bloody (our correspondent says you never forget the smell!)
  • Vomiting
  • Listlessness
  • High temperature
  • Lethargic or depressed
  • Off their food and not drinking much

Once the symptoms appear then time is of the essence and you must seek veterinary help immediately.  This often fatal illness can strike fast and is very distressing for both the animal and the owner with a high emotional and financial cost. Our correspondent has seen the results of parvovirus first hand and urges everyone to consider getting their dogs vaccinated; on the face of it vaccination may seem expensive but in the long run it may be a small price to pay. Don’t wait for it to reach this area, if your dog or puppy is not vaccinated speak to your vet.
More information on Parvovirus can be found


possibly very famous person said...

In the video are they watching the film 101 Dalmatians?

Worried Bitch said...

Do these also affect Humans??
as my Husband seems to have all the symptoms as described plus every time he passes a tree he cocks his leg.

Here Boy said...

Worried Bitch does your husband come from Barking in Essex?
Ps is his nose nice & damp,& are postmen safe when they deliver the mail, & does he do stud work.

Anonymous said...

Worried bitch had better make sure his vaccinations are up to date!