Sunday, September 04, 2011

Got any caravan pictures?

We're looking for pictures of those old caravans dotted around Nairnshire and nearby. You know the sort, with moss and weeds on the roof etc. Old veterans that lie proudly but sadly fading away in forgotten corners. Here's what we've got so far:


Jim said...

This wouldn't be a survey to see if there are enough old vans dotted around, to be worth charging for them on next year's Council Tax bill, would it?

I guess, if they aren't used for touring, then they're statics. They provide a further bedroom to those in your house ........

Some unkind Council might be thinking of charging you for having one in the backyard.

After all, the planning permission for your house probably doesn't include a caravan!

(OK, when did the Town and Country Planning Acts first start? Was it around 1957? Maybe if your van pre-dates that, you might get away with it!)

Keep Nairn Clean said...

If these people that own the Caravans get in contact with The local Scrap dealers these Caravans will be lifted free for scrap rather than be a eye sore.We can understand if they were doing up the Caravans or converting them into a trailors for themselves.If they tow them in to the scrap yard themselves they will get paid for it by the weight.If not they will be lifted free.If you look up The Local Yellow Pages theres Highland Car Crushers 01463/212619 and theres also Highland Clearance Ltd 01463/870245 Give them a call and they will pay for your Scrap thats worth money to you.