Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hôtel Golf View à Nairn

"Assemblage de 19 images" on Flickr.


Lord Litchfield said...

Good job a photo never lies!

Nicky Tams said...

Och awa we ye Lord Lichfield fotaes are I telling wee fibs the buggers I want a muckle touch up
noo & again & they are I gurning
if the exposure is wrang & size is awfae imortant so dinna Posh Mannie believe fit yer yer keekers
show ya all the time,PS noo fit aboot some glamour shots oh some aw the awafae fine quines fae The
Toon pit on " The Gurn " it wid fair mak some oh The Loons chuffed ye ken, Bye for noo.

Eilean-Donan-MacRath said...

Amazing what you can do in Photoshop. lets see some real photographs on The Gurn and show us all what talent all you photographers have really got instead off photographs that have been modified in Photoshop. A picture is only good as the person that takes the photograph whether its taken with a cheap or expensive camera.It makes no difference.Come on all you Gurnites lets see what talent you really have.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a bit of photoshop, don't you think any of the famous photographers have never used a little bit of enhancement? And as for Nicky Tams sexist comments? What about some loons for the quines? Oh, maybe not, there might not be much to look at!

Eilean-Donan-MacRath said...

In reply to Anonymous there is nothing wrong with Photoshop i use it all the time myself and the picture taken by The Photographer is excallent one off the best ones i have seen in a long time. As you can see in my comment i never complained i only asked for some real photographs to be taken as there is talented people in Nairn that can.

Nicky Tams said...

Michty me Anonymous ye mak accusations aboot me being sexist
then have the bloody cheek to say
The Loons in The Toon are nae awfa bonnie awa we ye & have a dander doon The High Street to gang & look at the talent ye might get a wee surprise, fit aboot getting back on The Gurnie to telt hoo you gang on we peeking at The Nairn Hunks, Aw the best fae Adobe Photoshop Cs5,
Lightroom 3,Capture nx2Onone,Nik,Photo Mechnic,Bibble,
Mac Pro.

Jane Harkiss said...

Ooooh I love it when you talk dirty Nicky. Pookie's always up for a glamour shoot...

Nicky Tams Bailey said...

Pookie yer some quine it wid be a pleasure for me to tak some glamour fotaes of you just pit a wee message on The Gurnie when yer up for it,I found the Box Brownie in the byre loft, so I am chammpen at the bit to get started
& to catch a glimpse o that voluptuous figure oh yers,I just canna wait,regarding the dirty talk My Auld Mither used tae wash ma mooth oot wee carbolic soap when I used to do this along wee a skelpt arse, dinna be lang in replying mind, Aw the best

Jane Harkiss said...

Yes and I'm quite sure that's not all you've got up in that loft, eh nicky? Sorry lovey, I'm not into boxes or brownies, more of a digital gal myself, not opposed to a bit of airbrushing either, as it goes.

Nicky [broke] Tams said...

Pookie I just canna stop thinking aboot taking your fotea & as you are a high class quine I thocht hard aboot fit you said aboot my wee Box Brownie & decided you are richt enough fit you said aboot ganging digital so I have withdrawn ah my hard earned cash & nipped alang tae Jessops I thing they must have seen me coming as I came oot oh the shoppie we a Nikon d3s at £3600.00
we the box tucked under my oxter, but fit the hell I wid be money well spent if I got a chance to get you posing, noo i dinna like to be abitee forward but fit can glamour shots do you dee is it wee yer semmit on or awf its just that the old ticker is nae fit it used to be & if i get a glimpse oh naked flesh it wid fair set it pounding, I wait with baited breath for your reply, Aw the best
Ps just bought Fotae Shop on ebay
just in case.

Jim said...

Photoshop is a splendid tool. Costing about £600 for the latest version. it should be wonderful. (OK, if you have a student card, you pay under £200)

Problem is, not all photographers see colour tones the same way.

This becomes obvious in camera club competitions, when the same individuals 'overcook' their colours to the stage of them being, well, unbelievable.

Reds, yellows, blues, greens simply glare at the viewer in ways that nature never does. Such competitions are usually judged by a qualified judge from outside the club, and I have seen some members resorting to shouting and fist waving at a judges' criticism and low marks verdict about something where the photographer can't see anything unusual about it.

(Can I add, I'm not a member of Nairn Camera Club, and I've no idea if their members are better than average at it).

So yes, this picture of the Golf Hotel is perhaps a distortion. Some may think it looks pretty, others may say RUBBISH. We have no idea what that photographer's colour vision is like!

Another current trend is to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) which involves taking three shots in succession of the subject at varying exposures (a tripod is essential), then merging the results using specific software (and cooking that in Photoshop too).

This can give spectacular and pleasing results - but often looks most unrealistic. So go easy on computer special effects please.