Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carbuncle responses are "ad hominem' arguments?

The " Nairnbairn is a snob? " article is slipping away down the Gurn just now but perhaps a comment from "Nairnbairn's official spokesman" is worthy of an article in its own right:

"nairnbairn a snob at heart" (Nairnshire editorial)

"nairnbairn a sad individual" (Councillor Sandy Park)

Shooting the messenger is not a very impressive contribution to public debate. Otherwise known as ad hominem arguments, personal insults are the last refuge of those who have lost the argument, have nothing constructive to say, or want to divert attention from the substance of the point being made.

"nairnbairn in hiding?" (says Charlie boy)

Look around the town. There are hundreds of nairnbairns. That person in the queue next to you - or walking up the street - is nairnbairn. nairnbairns are all around you.


Charlie Boy said...

Sorry Nairnbairn you are wrong. It was you who wrote the message so you can hardly absolve yourself by claiming to be just a carrier

There may be people who agree with some of your comments about Nairn ('Hundreds of Nairnbairns') but as far as I know it is only you who had the gall to enter Nairn for a carbuncle award. Do hundreds really share your view that Nairn is worth such an award, I seriously doubt it

That being the case, it can hardly be a surprise to you than insults are flowing your way as you have upset many Nairnites

If you're true identity were known you might find yourself run out of town. Are you brave enough to tell us as to who you are, probably not

Graisg said...

I suspect there may be more support for Nairnbairn than you think Charlie but perhaps not for the nomination and I don't think it would be a get out of town job either. However this observer for one would subscribe to much of what Nairnbairn has to say as far as the potential ugly future for Nairn goes.
Let's all keep on the ball to make sure it doesn't happen.
Get involved Gurnites - go and get nomination papers for whichever Community Council area in Nairnshire you live in. Let's get the sort of town we want and not what developers or Highland Council or anyone else might have in mind for us. Development yes but on our terms!

Anonymous said...

To be honest there are not many "nairnbairns " on the Community Councils either.Time for a change?

Anonymous said...

Nairn doesn't deserve the carbuncle award. Nairnbairn's criticisms were over the top.

But if those who are currently expending so much time, effort and energy to condemning Nairnbairn were to devote as much energy and enthusiasm instead to improving the town, then Nairn would be a better place and at far less risk of such a nomination.

People in Nairn can see this situation as a problem which calls for a witch-hunt, or as an opportunity to bring about positive change. Which will they choose to do?

Bigbairn said...

Maybe if Nairnbairn had put time and enthusiasm into helping improve Nairn rather than enter us for a carbuncle award the town would be a better place anon?