Monday, September 19, 2011

Billy the Train

All this talk of potential rolling stock taking to the rails along the prom or the streets of Nairn has seen one of our regular correspondents down for wee blether with Billy the Train. Our correspondent reveals that Billy has been undergoing secret time trials for a twice daily run from the Sewage Works Car Park to the West Golf club. Billy will also multi-tasking by emptying dog poo bins along the route.


Dr Beeching said...

I can see that Railtrack are now looking after Billy's track, and not very well by the look of it

Anonymous said...

is this the way nairn council is spending our hard earned cash,another total waste of cash.
where do these fools get thier ideas,cut the council tax instead of mis using our money.

Paper Lace said...

Billy could be a real hero if he also scooped the poop as well.

Jane Harkiss said...

Admittedly I'm no trainspotter, but it looks to me like Billy ain't going anywhere. Putting water skis on him instead of rails and launching him into the river might attract some adventurous types. We could attach him to one of these marvelllous giagantic paddle-ducks, and feed said paddler with pro-plus pills and cans of red bull. What you reckon?

dr grigor said...

(annonymous at 6.16.) i dont ever remember mentioning that the council had anything whatsoevr to do this venture, so where you get your facts from i am unsure

Abba [pooper scooper] said...

But if only Billy Choo Choo
could collect the Poo Poo
for walkers what a delight
with shoes no longer in s---e
strolling along with the jitters
watching out for all the skitters
I know this though is absurd
for a train to pick up a turd
but you never know maybe one day
for a no dog deficate clear way.

Graisg said...

I think the 6.16 was being satirical about this article only Doc. Maybe I'm wrong on that.
I wonder too if Billy actually still works for the Council or whether Sandy had this service provider privatised or paid off too?

Anonymous said...

From one Anonymous to another Anonymous.
Billy is at the east beach car park and enjoyed by lots of children so I don't think a lick of paint is a wast of money. Especially when Nairn needs to be freshened up and enjoyed
by those who visit our town and our own children

Anonymous said...

First of all i must congratulate Dr Grigor on what sounds like a absolutely fantastic idea in such a fantastic location for such a venture, yes Dr Grigor you will get your moaners and groaners you always do, the same sort of folk that are quick to dismiss any ideas but actually dont do much themselves..... so Dr Grigor i wish you every success in this venture of yours, because. I know this would be the talking point of any visitor coming to nairn,i know you will encounter a lot of red tape on your journey! but see it through to the end. lots of good luck my friend,