Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming soon - a new landmark for Nairn

At Tuesday nights River CC meeting members heard how a new 29 metres high communication mast will be going up on the side of the railway next to Grant's garage. The mast will provide a direct radio link between drivers and signallers on the railway and will improve safety reliability and punctuality on the rail network according to the information received by the River folk.
Although the company are informing residents and sending information to the local MP, MSP and councillors the development can go ahead under "committed development rights" and there may be very little that anyone can do about it should they object to the mast..
There were some concerns expressed by River CC members and Liz told the meeting: " Why couldn't they have done it out of town a wee bit to it wasn't so obtrusive."
River CC members were minded to wait until residents opinions could be gauged before responding to the letter that had received from the railway company.

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