Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ceilidh group raises £2,900 for charity this season


Anonymous said...

Well done the Ceilidh group!

privileged few said...

The Ceilidh Group must be congratulated on their hard work
& dedication in raising such a tremendous sum but after listening
to the compare read out those who were to get a donation, one wonders is there some on that list
who are already doing nicely thanks, but to share a thought for maybe those in The Town that are not so fortunate & who are struggling for much needed funds just to make ends meet it would be great to see some of them in next years group photo that will appear in The Nairnshire.

Graisg said...

@ Robin, thanks for the comments, sorry won't use them however as we wouldn't want to be at the centre of a stushie should someone take offence.

growtosow said...

yes indeed well done the ceilidh group and good to see young folk at it and joining in, and the young performers were excellent what a great show for locals and visitors to see something to be proud of, i wish them all the best for the 2012 season.