Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doc Grigor Railway Update

"Ideas starting to roll in for my mini sit-on railway for Nairn. If you are willing to support me and others please pm me in a private message with your contact details come on let's have holiday maker talk about the wonderful mini railway they have in Nairn. Our loco will not be running on steam will explain later. Here is a small youtube clip of roughly of what we are on about. Of course there will be a fair bit of fund-raising to be done but surprisingly this project is as not as expensive as you would think."


growtosow said...

my grandson would just love this, come on thomas lets get started.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Just what Nairn needs.

Come on Grigor when will the steam trains start running around the town?

Jim said...

Dear Anonymous 1.

But the man just said 'not steam trains'.

Would you like them included on the bus pass for the over-60s?

doctor grigor said...

the train i plan to use would not be run of steam too many complications there are many other options there too, it doesnt even have to run on tracks, i have had so many locals and holidaymakers telling me what an absolutly cracking idea , these things cost much money but nowhere near as much as u would think this is exactly what nairn needs something completly new for our holidaymakers and in the quiter time it could be hired out for kiddies birthday partys made to look up like thomas the tank engine please please show your support on this venture `we need to get some form of committee together to get the ball rolling on this fantastic venture , lets give the media something decent to talk about for our town "ALL ABOARD" could u not think of a better location for such a venture