Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Problems on the Buses – Suburban CC want to know your experiences

John Mackie told the CC meeting at the Academy last night that they were continuing to compile a dossier of complaints about bus services in Nairn and wanted to hear more from members of the public. There seem to be problems for folk getting across from the bus station to the High Street to get up to the hospital when the buses from Inverness were running late and John stated that the surgery were concerned about this too. Highlighted too, was recent lack of consultation on timetable changes. Worries surfaced that the new revamped 10 service timetable may no longer include the Tradespark detour but it was also stated that the new timetable hadn’t been published yet. There were complaints too about the increasing cost of travel on the town services and it was asked how long the No20 would last once the Sainsbury’s funding ran out.
So the Suburban folk want to hear from you and they will be forwarding detailed complaints to the authorities including, it was suggested, MSPs and the MP.

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