Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turds are Us - Courier Jobbie coverage

The page five treatment for the sewage that is going into the river just opposite the Maggot Flats. The Courier reports:

"Residents forced to keep their windows closed because of the stench of sewage are backing plans by a community council to stop the waste festering on the river bank outside their homes. The sewage, from an emergency overflow pipe, is spilling out and running down the bank during heavy rainfall before entering the River Nairn, near the Riverside Court area of Nairn. " More in the Courier today, we'll link to it if it goes on-line.

It isn't only into the river, it also flows out of the two inspection covers on either side of the sewage bridge and onto the paths, and this can't be very good at all for people living in that area or users of the riverside. You can see the discoloration where it has been gathering. Pictures have previously been posted on the Gurn.


Mr Broon said...

At last, Nairn gets mentioned in the mighty organ of Inverness. We are honoured

Organ Grinder said...

Yes! and we shall have to pull out all the stops to make it happen.

growtosow said...

just a shame about the story, but then again we might come up smelling of rose's here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

Nairn and sh*t mentioned in the same article. You have to laugh.

asniffintheair said...

Smells of bulls**t this story. Councillor Marsden doing his little bit of electioneering in preparing for next year's local elections.
If only all the Nairn councillors were so dedicated to their job and representing their constituents. Even if it is misplaced as this is.