Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A trip to Brodie

Thanks to Kenny MacLeod for this picture of a Free Church Sunday school outing to Brodie in the late 1920s. He tells the Gurn: "My mum 3 Aunts and an Uncle are in there somewhere." (picture will enlarge).


Paper boy said...

The Gurn is missing a trick here. The Inverness Courier changes us nearly a pound an issue and publishes old photos which it has forgotten the names for, and asks readers to provide them!

Anonymous said...

Sadly I dont know all the names of the folk pictured, I was told by my Mother that the pic included, Nan Noble (my mum) Jackie Mackay(Uncle) Mena, Peggy and Margie Mackay(Aunts) also Margaret and George Mackay, my mother's cousins, George was known locally as "Rabbit" if this jolts any memories...they all lived in Queenspark

Hamish said...

My era and some very familiar faces but unfortunately I can not put names to them.
Cooper Park in Elgin was my favourite Sunday School trip destination. Could hire a rowing boat there for a half hour on the lake at a cost of 'tupence'.
Changed Sunday schools often since the trip was not made to the same place on consecutive years

Hamish said...

Can anyone identify the man on thr right of the photo?
I'd say he is not a Sunday School teacher but ask myself "Could it be Willie Tiptoe"