Monday, September 12, 2011

Petrol Prices in Nairn

The latest prices today as at close of play (image will enlarge). The image was sent in by one of our regulars and is from this price comparison site.

Our correspondent writes: "What a surprise, Sainsbury's is cheapest in Nairn, good for Grants for offering a better price than the Co-op, mind you, there are enough folk who don't seem to care about the cost and fill up anywhere? Sainsbury's Nairn now seems to be offering a cheaper price for 4 star than any garage in Elgin or Inverness. Come to sunny Nairn and fill up on cheap (er) fuel!"


Anonymous said...

the price of motion lotion(petrol)is spiraling out of control.surely there should be a static price for petrol nationwide,britain is the only country to have oil,and get poorer,its time politicians got the snouts out of the troughs and worked for the huge wages they get paid.

Anonymous said...

What no usual moaning that Inverness has it better and we want what Inverness has.
Going by previous comments here that if it's good enough for Inverness, it's good enough for Nairn, then Sainsbury needs to PUT UP the price of UNLEADED. Otherwise the equality moans may continue.

Anonymous said...

Bill - for the work Politicians do they are paid a relatively modest Salary(60K for an MP) - that is barely above average for London where the spend 4 days a week.

Commuter said...

As a regular observer of fuel prices, I can say that Sainsbury's fuel is on par with ASDA in Elgin most days. The only (usual) difference is ASDA do xxx.7 ppl and most other suppliers do xxx.9 ppl

Graisg said...

I don't think we can say that Bill but I think a lot of gurnites would agree with you when it comes to the perceptions of politicians and expenses.
Maybe you could say it like this:
"One could be forgiven for thinking that a few more should have gone to jail?"