Monday, September 12, 2011

Fair parking at Fairways?

Some West End residents have been critical of the volume of traffic passing their homes of late due to the route being used as a 'rat run'. One gurn regular has found that some residents of Fairways have started parking on the pavement on a regular basis meaning folk with prams and wheel chairs are forced onto the road. Not a good state of affairs especially if there is more traffic to contend with as has been suggested.
"Why not park the cars in the road where they belong, they would act as a traffic calming measure?" Suggests our correspondent.


Anonymous said...

asenfraWell lets see if the local constabulary monitor this then..?


Anonymous said...

get the traffic warden doon there and dish oot tickets,that,ll sort the ignorant drivers oot

growtosow said...

is ones drive not big enough now, seem too know one of the cars that is parked on the pavment.

Sarah-Mackintosh-Brodie said...

Theres a saying that goes around Nairn. Theres a rule for one. And theres a rule for others. I beg to dither.

Hector Donald Turra said...

I dinna like to be a clipe bit I think the next time i see the traffic warden quine doon the street I micht hae a wee wordie in her bonnie lug & bring to her attention the right feel gits that
park their motors on the pavements
its just nae richt ye ken, weel weel must gang awa tae the shopie
for ma tabaccy ye never ken my luck mae bumb into the quine dressed in black & yella we the fancy bunnet, Aw the best.