Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trumping Trump

A critically acclaimed documentary is to be shown by Cinema Nairn on the 3rd of October. Jason Rose, organiser with Cinema Nairn, said: “Earlier this year we had a great audience for the classic film Local Hero. You’ve Been Trumped basically tells the same story except this is fact not fiction and almost on our doorstep. We’re really lucky to secure the film for our community-run cinema and we’re sure it will be of great interest to many.” More details here.

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Jim said...

Could be a good film. Are there any libel cases pending from it, I wonder?

I read Scottish press reports at the time, and now recall doubts over the objectivity and impartiality of the Aberdeen Planning sub-committee which led to the later review by the full Council, and finally to Alex Salmond's government calling-in the entire scheme as a matter of national impoetance.

Whether you agree with investment in golf courses, hotels and top-end housing, or not, and of Yankee capitalists spending money here when they could be on some other continent altogether, is an individual's personal view.

Further, all this might not be the 'right kind' of development for Scotland. But if that's the case, couldn't local voters have sdvised their Scottish Assembly members to vote against the proposals? Or maybe it didn't come to a vote.

From the start, when one newspaper spoke of the Planning sub-committee favouring the rights of rabbits and other wildlife over the prospect of jobs in the local community, I had doubts about fair dealing on the matter.

It will be interesting to see what the movie makes of all this!