Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joan Noble gets intae em

"A NAIRN doctor has rubbished Highland Council’s forecast of population growth in the town for the next decade.

Jean Noble ( questioned the local authority’s estimate that 1196 new homes are required in Nairn up to 2021 during an hearing into the Highland-wide Local Development Plan"

More on the Courier website and in the paper tomorrow it seems

PS spot the mistake from the Courier.


Anonymous said...

The current need in Nairn is not for more private housing, but we are seeing attempts by Highland Council to raise much needed cash through development, either by selling land or approving new housing developments

The call for cheap affordable housing for Nairnites has been made many times before, but as this is a cost rather than income I doubt we will see much being built

Elsewhere efforts have been made to keep our young people here, witness the new University of the Highlands. But, without places for people to live I can see that the exodus will continue

Recently it was suggested that holiday homes far from having their council tax reduced should have it doubled. Time for housing to be for people to live in, not just held as investment

Graisg said...

Affordable housing is one thing but if few folk living in Nairn get it then that is where the problem is and will continue to be.
How do we ensure that we as a community decide who gets the housing and not housing associations based elsewhere?

growtosow said...

must agree with the first comments made on this,