Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scotland Nokia Coast to Coast 2011

The 06.15 start. It had been dry until around 06.00 and then one of this summer's characteristic downpours arrived. There were warnings that there was a lot of water now at the transfer station to the bicycles at Cawdor but everyone seemed in good form as the small group of around 20 super-fit souls who will be kayaking on Loch Ness later set off on a long trek westward.

"There's no such thing as bad weather in Scotland, just the wrong clothes," said Laurie to the 06.30 crowd of around 250 competitors. His wee speech was much appreciated by the already sodden sportsmen and women, cheers and applause for Laurie then the next squad set off in the direction of Cawdor along the River Nairn. (pictures will enlarge a little)

Another group sets off at 08.00 if any Gurnites out there are up yet and the 10K competitors to Cawdor go at 11.00. Good luck everyone.

UPDATE: A few pictures on the Gurn Flickr pages of the 08.00 starters Cladach gu Cladach - Coast to Coast Scotland 2011 - Pictures


Missing link said...

Whats happened to the larger Provost's chain? Seems to have been absent from Laurie's neck for the past few months

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Gurn for getting the pictures, must have been up early?