Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Four dead herons since June

This sad image from our correspondent Jingle Bangles. He tells us this is the fourth dead heron he's seen in the area from the Jubilee Bridge to the harbour walls since June. This pictures was taken by the West Pier. Recently he contacted the appropriate department of Northern Constabulary. Birds, of course, do die of natural causes but four dead herons in this stretch seems a lot. If anyone has any information on anyone harming wildlife they should contact the Wildlife Crime officers at Northern Constabulary.


doggy paddle said...

I'm amazed this hasn't yet been reported by Nairn's so called wild life specialists

Anonymous said...

Going by the beer can next to it, i fear this Heron may have had a drink problem and fallen into the water and drowned! Another victim of booze!

Anonymous said...

Either that or it was pushed.Still a shame though.