Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Usual Suspects put a bit of flesh and bone on hope

The usual suspects met again earlier this evening (Wednesday) in the community centre with the West Community Council hosting this official meeting of the Royal Burgh of Nairn’s three community Councils. There was a good turnout with a representatives from Cawdor and Auldearn CC’s. Oor Sandy the Convenor of Highland Council was there along with Liz and Graham plus one of their high heid yins William Gilfillan. There was plenty to report and some top of the range material too, especially a speech from Alistair Noble, radical localism thinker, (almost the spiritual leader of the usual suspects really) and what he had to say will resonate with many Gurnites. We’ll get to some of what Alistair and the others said tomorrow perhaps but in the meantime let’s start with the opening words of the magnificent lady that finally made them clean up the Regal – the indefatigable Rosemary Young! Here’s what she had to say as she spoke to the meeting.

“There is a groundswell of thinking that Nairn town has to grab its identity and decide how it positions itself and what it wants to be in the future, we have many like-minded and intelligent people based in Nairn who are willing and able to form committees, forum, group, call it what you like, in order, and I do mean this, to help our elected councillors and the Highland Council to implement the hard decisions that they have to make for the people of Nairn and to let the people of Nairn have a say in what happens. Strategy is what we need and the right one for Nairn is surely a very simple request. We need to decide if we are indeed a tourist town and if that is the case, decide how we will present ourselves. It would appear, and this is a personal opinion, the Councils are broke, the Country is broke, Europe is broke and it appears that the world is heading that way as well. We are not unaware of the lack of funds available to Nairn and that is clear strategic thinking is the way forward.”

Rosemary then went on to explain that she had been rapped over the knuckles by a council official recently about how unfair she had been to elected councillors over the Regal and she quoted the official as stating to her (in relation to getting the clean-up) “You can do this, you are a normal person.” Rosemary then continued:

“Well if normal people can get things done we need to help those who should be getting things done but can’t because they are not normal once they become councillors. We are here to help and drive this town forward in a way to enrich all members of society to the coming, most difficult years. We are all in this together.”

So Gurnites more soon, Let’s hope the Highland Council and other bodies are up for it and capable of listening to the usual suspects and going forward with them. This observer supports their aims and is sure that Gurnshire is in line and marching behind them and has been for some considerable time.

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Protest started democracy said...

“You can do this, you are a normal person.”

Beggars the comment why do we have paid councillors then. Do they really have to sit on their hands and not rock the collective boat?

It would be refreshing to see some radical people in favour of an independent Nairn standing at the next elections, but I suspect we'll only get the usual suspects with their token platitudes to Nairn whilst really supporting Inverness central, or gagged by party policy