Saturday, February 13, 2016

8 Years ago today Nairn residents marched to try and save Harbour Street Post Office

Led by pipers the march organised by Nairn River Community Council left the Courthouse and headed down to the Harbour Street Post Office where protesters formed a symbolic line as customers of the business. The community's pleas to Westminster government fell on deaf ears.

Today many residents of the lower part of the town prefer to travel on a bus to Tradespark or even Forres to do their post office business rather than suffer the often lengthy queues at the Cawdor Street Post Office.

Individual images here.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know when you have seen these lengthy queues apart from at xmas.every day i have gone i have walked in and got served straight away or within 5 minutes

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:44 PM

"i have walked in and got served straight away or within 5 minutes"

Yes but that's because the shop is no longer a post office. Back in the day when Alan Barron ran it I can remember queues and the need for two folk on the counter and not just at Christmas