Monday, February 29, 2016

Gas work on the High Street should be finished this week

Michael Boylan of the Association of Nairn Businesses  tells the Gurn that SGN should have finished all their work in the town centre by the end of this week. 

He continued: "Resurfacing work then requires to be complete as follows taking 7-10 days (weather dependant) for the High Street, Leopold Street, Gordon Street and the High Street to the Post Office."

Michael hopes the work will not take place over Easter he said: "No set dates for resurfacing works as they still need to be contracted and are weather dependant, however, I have stressed the importance of the Easter period to our High St retailers."


Anonymous said...

Although Easter is important to retailers it is only a few days. More important is that we have a finished High Street for the busier summer period, June _ September. Can we get guarantees that another summer won't be spoilt by roadworks.Bridge St to Lochloy Rd is also in drastic state. Please don't let those repairs be done over the summer.

Graisg said...

A96 repairs in the area you mention will be done in the first half of this month it seems anon