Monday, February 29, 2016

Cromarty picture on Nairn and Forres OS map cover - how it happened explained.

On Saturday we linked to the Inside Moray article which detailed outrage being expressed that a picture of Cromarty, complete with oil rig, had appeared on the cover of the latest print of the Nairn and Forres OS map. That article can be read here. 

OS have explained to the Gurn on twitter how it happened. 

And as Cromarty appears in the top left hand corner of the Nairn and Forres map that's how it go the winning picture. Perhaps the map should be called Nairn, Forres and Cromarty then?


Freefall said...

Whoever in the public voted along with the independent adjudicator obviously have a limited grasp of the geography of the area. It is a nice picture of an oil rig but what on earth was it compared against to win the best cover image?

cradlehall said...

How pathetic. The picture is obviously not representative of the map title. Their reply to you simply shows that common sense is not part of their decision-making processes.