Monday, February 01, 2016

Town centre A96 potholes again causing concern

Some drivers are taking evasive action to avoid the growing number of pot holes on the stretch between the town bridge and Grants Garage. Not good really to have to consider doing that on such a busy stretch of road.  BEAR staff must travel this route most days. Surely they are aware? Not a pleasant experience too for pedestrians as bits of road fly up to the pavement as the disintegration continues but, unfortunately nothing new.

We've reported it on the online form BEAR provide here. 


Freddie Merckx said...

A nuisance for motorists but downright dangerous for cyclists.

Graisg said...

@ anon thanks for that observation :-)

slow news day said...

A little like high winds, snow, ice, cold and untreated roads/pavements pot holes are a regular winter occurrence.

Perhaps like storms we should start naming the bigger ones and mark their locations on Google so folk can be forewarned?

'Just run over Hamish, he was big'

Holey Holly said...

Was this bit of road not done recently?

Leave it as is then traffic will stop driving over it and thus no more traffic congestion at the crap lights.

Long Live the Pot holes!!!