Monday, February 29, 2016

Port of Ardersier for sale

283 Hectares (700 Acres), of which 138 Hectares (340 Acres) is developable. 
Strategic development opportunity with planning permission 
Adopted Local Development Plan allocation for range of uses 
Residential, marina, Port and renewable opportunities 
1km long deep water harbour 
Remediated site 

Strategic Development Opportunity with Planning Permission and Adopted Local Development Plan Allocation for a variety of land uses including Residential / Marina, Industrial and Renewable / Port related.

283 Hectares (700 Acres), of which 138 Hectares (340 Acres) is developable.

In its former use as the McDermott Fabrication Yard the site employed 4,500 people prior to its closure in the early 2000's. Since then the site has been cleared and remediated."

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Wombling Free said...

Ha ha, I think they are being a bit "fruity" with the description of "1km long deep water harbour".
With any luck no prospective buyers take a gander round at low tide if they intend to develop a marina.
In all seriousness, I hope they get it shifted after all the false starts over recent yrs on the back of the renewables "gravy train".
Sadly when it was bought by the group, like roulette, "Lady Luck" was shining on red when they placed the bet on black.
I'd also like to say I would be happy to let mother nature continue to reclaim it all.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally have much time for Nairn sailing club but was impressed when a pal dragged me along to a dinghy session run by them at Whiteness where I saw many young folk happily sailing dinghies and making good use of the sheltered basin there.

Money for community resources has gone but I'd like to think that a new owner would allow access to local groups. It's a huge resource on Nairn's doorstep

Anonymous said...

Now would this not be the ideal place for Gordons sawmill to relocate to.
It would take all the traffic of the back roads and also let them take timber in and out by sea??

Port of call said...

Been hearing rumours the prison services have been looking at it again maybe for a new prison.

Anonymous said...

Re Gordon's sawmill... I've been saying this for years (don't know what they think of it!) It will have excellent connectionsthr with the new bypass.. If it happens. Would open up land for redevelopment in Nairn- once uncontaminated. With dredging they could transport by boat and maybe expand. Best of all the back roads will be safer and less congested. This is the sort of project a generous government hand should be looking at.

Anonymous said...

If a group of individuals can dig into their pockets then I'm sure the Gordons would be delighted to take the millions and millions that it would cost their business to relocate.
Or maybe we should all move to New Nairn at Whiteness??

Anonymous said...

Why not just leave Gordons where they are and tell the planners to ram their mad idea for hundreds of houses at Nairn South? They could build thousands of houses on the Carse.

Carew said...

Surely provision for timber vessels could be made in Cllr Michael Green's excellent plans for a new harbour at Nairn to accommodate cruise ships?

Anonymous said...

I,ll buy it fer a pound

D.Ross said...

Biggest white elephant ever when the last lot got it & tried to build a marina etc. Knew it would never make it, & they were so late in trying to join the renewables sector what were they thinking?

However I am VERY annoyed at the local gov, council & "powers that be" as since it last closed I have been aware of various suitable industries which WANTED to go there. BUT were discouraged by the said bodies!

1. Film studio, various interested parties wanted to convert the site to this, had existing big sheds for sound stage, deep water harbour with clear sea views, big forest next door, beach, MOD live fire range next door, big access road. So what happened? Well H.C. were trying to develop the old empty hospital at Craig Dunan/Phadrig? as a film studio & tried to convince them this was a good site. They said no & walked as the funding/grants was not available for Whiteness head.

2. Energy from waste plant & recycling/composting centre. perfect as you could barge in the rubbish from the Isles etc & at the time the Longman was due to close. Greens & NIMBY's & others put paid to that idea (got visions of a big smoke stack in their heads), & we truck our waste & recycling down south on the road!

3. Wood paper mill. The forests on the west coast are maturing & need to be felled, most of the roads can not cope with the trucks, so barge the timber out, & have a big mill which can handle direct shipments! The forestry industry wanted to get grants etc & use this site. However H.C. & others wanted to put this idea on the old alu smelter plant site in Invergordon. However the Port Authority sometimes require the "other" now empty ex smelter pier which would be used for the "wood mill" as a spare for the cruise ships. So that deal fell through.

Various snippets of info on these ideas were in the press at the time & what I have written are the "outlines" of what I remember from talking directly to various people involved at the time.

Very good opportunities were missed for long term stable employment in this area, never mind, the useful sheds were sold as scrap to China when the price was high, & the deep water harbour is being reclaimed by nature.

Wombling Free said...

I keep seeing this reference to a "deep water" harbour.
There's more "depth" to Nairns total snowfall this year.
It never was, never will be a 24hr useable port.
Not too sure of any industry that will shell out for constant dredging in the current climate, and thats
just to be able to use it at high tide.