Friday, February 19, 2016

Leading Nairn businesswoman blasts Transport Scotland over Rosebank Church flats objection

In a comment published on the Highland Council's e-planning file for the application to turn the former Rosebank Church into 9 flats Sheena Baker has a go at Transport Scotland.  She says:

"I think that Transport Scotland need to visit Nairn. Even the supporting pictures clearly show the yellow lines on the trunk rd. They have objected from a desk position not feet on the ground.

Personally I am fully supportive of the applicants objective to bring this building back into a lived in building. Whether 9 flats is the optimum number I leave to the planners but these will be small town centre flats that will bring life to this corner of the town centre. The recently completed new flats opposite park in the old bus stop and town centre car parks. If the flats have working occupants the chances are they will be using their car in daytime hours thus not stopping people using the car parks when shopping.

A lot of money has been spent so far and before it deteriorates again the planners must work with Mr Sheridan to on this application.

Any small negatives are far outweighed by the positives in letting this progress. The planned A96 by-pass will happen in the mid term and the present town centre road situation will reduce drastically. Passing this application can only be a win win situation for the town centre and the look of the place."


murd said...


What a pity the same zest for housing cant be given to reverting the old police housing back into use you wont get more central than that and has ample parking.
I understand the money was made available for This but NICE objected and had it stopped for their own REASONS of what they wanted.! And I can assure you that was not for much needed housings that could be earning money.Instead of costing.!
Another good building lying empty and deteriorating So lets have some of that support directed in that direction for housing instead of the far fetched things talked about for that part of town on land owned by others.
At least the buildings there belong to the H.C.
MY mother had A SAYING none so blind as those who don't want to see,

Anonymous said...

Flats again and again just throw them up anywhere doesn't matter about parking aslong as there is money to be made