Monday, February 29, 2016

Nairnshire farmers defiant in the face of honesty box raids.

The remnants of the Blackpark tattie box
Some readers may have see the thread on the popular Nairn Rocks facebook page which detailed the vandalism and theft from the honesty box at Blackpark on Granny Barbour's road. Messages of support flowed in on that page, many saw it as an attack on the very fabric of Nairnshire life. Sadly it was only one of four similar raids in the county recently.

 Here was one of the comments on social media:

"I love these opportunities for fresh produce that cuts out middle men, rewards farmers and usually gives customer value and quality."

It was a bit of a blow then but John and Deirdre MacKintosh have vowed to continue their service and have already reinstated the box at Blackpark. Their son John at Foynesfield also had his box raided, he too will be continuing. He told an Aberdeen based daily newspaper:

"I would say that 99.9% of people in Nairnshire are decent and honest but there's always 0.1% of baddies kicking about as well."

It really does make sense to buy local produce from source, it keeps money moving around the local community and it is good for the environment too. It is a pity there aren't more facilities like the ones provided by the MacKintoshes. They're carrying on folks, let's support them!


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone "tech savvy" who could create a wee map of "who sells what and when". The eggs available are fantastic - hen, duck and goose. Any Emu or Ostrich?
Most folk are honest, everywhere I think.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the farmers bouncing back after this

Anyone selling chocolate eggs or Easter bunnies?

Unknown said...

Great to hear the Mackintosh's are carrying on their sale of tatties.
Hopefully the "lowlifes" who appear to be on some kind of wanton wrecking/thieving spree get whats coming to them, twice.
Sadly we gave up the hen box at the bottom of our drive after the theft of eggs and money became a regular occurence , no damage I may add but our trust was gone.
Liking the idea of the "Fresh Produce" map, great idea.
A wee plug for Newton of Budgate's neeps, the best there is.

Graisg said...

Sorry to hear that Freck, this observer gets Free Range Nairnshire produced from Lakenbuie and available on order at the shop next to the Highland Delicatessen in Leopold Street.