Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Highland Council to make response to ship-to-ship oil transfers proposal

One of our regular readers pointed to a part of the Cromarty and District Community Council objection to the proposed ship to ship oil transfers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth which states:

"A similar proposal for Ship to Ship transfer of oil in the Firth of Forth was withdrawn amongst objections from the Local Authority of major spills being possible of the entire tanker capacity - in this case a maximum of 180,000 tonnes." A copy of the full Cromarty and District CC objection here.  

Our correspondent then wondered if Highland Council had yet made a submission to the Cromarty Firth Port Authority's proposal. We asked Glenurquhart Road if they had already done so or would be making a submission soon. Their reply was very prompt. 

A Highland Council spokesperson said: “Highland Council will submit a response on 8th Feb. The topic will be included in the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee agenda of 17th Feb."

Given the considerable disquiet surrounding this application for ship to ship oil transfers this observer would think it impossible that Highland Council would not reflect the concerns of the community and seek the  rejection this proposal. It isn't clear however who will be deciding the content of the response (which will be submitted on the final day of the consultation) and how that then lines up for the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee meeting. Presumably the submission will be in the public domain at the earliest opportunity?

Anyone wishing to make representations on the application has until the 8th Febuary and can find details on how to do so on this Cromarty and District Community Council page. 

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