Friday, February 05, 2016

Nairn Academy to move to 4 and a half day week?

The Nairn Academy website states: 

"The school newsletter is due to be published on the school website tomorrow (Wednesday). Following discussion at a Parent Council meeting tonight, the decision was to provide a paper copy per pupil as well as a copy on line. All pupils will therefore receive a copy of the newsletter on Thursday during registration and will be asked to ensure this gets home.

The newsletter will include key information on the plan to move to a 4 1/2 day week as of June 2016 along with several other Highland secondary schools. A brief outline of our curriculum plan will be provided with further details on the website. Parents are also invited to a ‘Question and Answer’ session planned for MONDAY 8 FEBRUARY at 6.30pm in the school."

Bold text inserted by Gurn editor.

Another document accessible on the Nairn Academy site entitled "Curriculum structure/format of the school day (for June 2016) "states:

"There has been discussion across all Secondary schools about school day structures to accommodate all curricular requirements. Currently there are variations on 30, 31, 32 and 33 periods/week. Some school models currently operate an asymmetric week and some have 4½ day week. HC were also considering a 4½ day week for all Secondary schools to enable more efficient timetabling across schools potentially to maximise timetable options. This is still the intended plan once transport issues are addressed in the new contract. Several schools already operate the 4½ day week model i.e. Grantown, Alness, Dingwall and Inverness High. Important to note – the school day/teaching time remains the same across the week i.e. there is no reduction in teaching/class contact time in a 4 ½ day week."


Brian Turner said...

This has a bad smell of someone trying to save money first, and worrying about education needs second.

Better Together said...

In some more enlightened European countries the working week has dropped way below that which the UK still works, with 3 or 4 day weeks not being uncommon

The advantages are numerous including folk working harder when they are at their desks so little or no productivity has been lost. What is does provide for is a much happier country

I've no doubt our Westminster Tory government would like to keep us shackled to our work places for longer hours and we've already seen the pension age rise once and I expect it'll be extended further

The joy of being in the UK. Smile people

Anonymous said...

for Christ sake,they are hardly at school these days,what with xmas/easter.summer/winter/tattie holidays/in training days etc,soon not worth going,just stay at home

Anonymous said...


The school holidays are much the same now as when I was a bairn; maybe you stayed at home so don't remember?!