Monday, February 15, 2016

A wee blether with Patrick Harvie - video

Off-piste again today, the Gurn was invited to the launch of the Scottish Green Party's Highlands and Islands Holyrood campaign in Inverness. We went along and decided to ask a Nairn related question.

Here's a video. Note if you are a party leader and anywhere near Nairn we're willing to give you the same opportunity - or maybe you are a candidate and would like to tell us how it would benefit Nairn if you were successful at the Holyrood elections - all welcome. 

A couple of images taken here too and Gurnites might remember the time the Scottish Greens launched a policy document in Nairn at about the same time of the year in 2014 - that video here.  That was interesting in that it related to local democracy issues. 

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Anonymous said...

'Off-piste again'

You do know dry January has finished? :-)