Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cinema Nairn - films for younger audiences - what are your views

Cinema Nairn's Kate told us:

"At the recent Cinema Nairn AGM we discussed all the feedback we have received on FB and the Gurn. A common theme was films for younger audiences. We have tried it a number of times before but with very low attendance, however we would like to try again with your help.

Can you please give us your thoughts about the following?
Term-time or during the holidays?
Weekday or Weekend
Start time - straight after school or later?
Target age group?
Film suggestions? (The final decision will depend on the availability of license and length of film).

We have to break even financially (costs include film licences and venue hire), therefore we will need your support to help us get as many people through the doors as possible. If we decide to go ahead, please spread the word and then come along on the day - and bring a friend or two!

Please comment here on this page or by messaging Cinema Nairn by the end of March. We'll update you with our progress.
Thank you in advance!"

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