Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tom nan Clach windmill planning refusal – tilting at an appeal?

Considering the recent high profile treatment in the local media of the decision of Highland Council to reject to reject the application for 13 turbines at Tom nan Clach discussion was rather muted at Cawdor Community Council last Monday night.

Infinergy’s Fiona Milligan told the meeting in the Community Centre:

“Since the planning meeting last month, obviously we are very disappointed that it didn’t go the way we would have liked it to have gone but that is the way it works unfortunately. We still have to decide what we want to do and we have three months to make a decision about whether we appeal the decision made by the South Planning committee.  So I’ll probably know by the next meeting what’s going to happen there.

In the meantime we’re cracking on and discharging conditions to get on with building what we have consent for. Now, there’s not a huge amount of impact on this area, especially in Cawdor itself. The construction traffic and the traffic management plan that is going to be designed for Tom nan Clach, will take all the traffic down the A9 and then back up so none of it will be coming through the A96 or Cawdor itself and going over the moor to the site, it will all be coming up from the south. So there is not a huge amount of impact from that perspective. If you are a regular user of the road over the Dava then there may be times where the 9007 will have traffic lights on it, a stop go system whilst the road improvement works are being undertaken but hopefully that won’t cause too much disruption and we will be advertising and doing newsletters round to everyone to keep you posted as to what we are up to.”

The Inverness Courier recently posted an article on line on how Highland Council might have a hefty bill to pick up if an appeal does emerge – More here. 


Anonymous said...

A lovely area is the B9007 and over the moor to Lochindorb. What a pity that this landscape will be spoilt by an inefficient way of creating power. The consensus on wind farms is that that only 1 in 3 turbines work at any one time and have an efficiency output of some 30%. Just take a look at the amount of the turbines that are not running!

Lochindorb\Dava Moor should have been part of the Cairngorms National Park...tragedy.

Graisg said...

Re Lochindorb anon - where is that information available?

flick a switch said...

It'd be so much better if Scotland would agree to building more nuclear power stations. You'd only need one situated on say the Dava to supply electricity to a good part of the Highlands for several years, and the beauty of it is that once it's a spent force we can leave it to future generations to deal with all the tidying it up etc

flickery light bulb said...

Or 'flick a switch' how about a far better option than both, tidal. So Dava wouldn't be ruined by either would it.

con fuse ion said...

@ flickery light bulb

I don't pretend to know too much about renewables but I'm pretty sure you couldn't do tidal at the moment on the Dave even though it might have less of a visual impact than wind and nuclear