Sunday, February 07, 2016

Transport Scotland oppose Rosebank Church plan for 9 flats

A Transport Scotland document published on the Highland Council e-planning file for the application to turn the Rosebank Church building into 9 flats states as reason(s) for refusal:

"The development would result in an increase in the demand for parking, and would lead to indiscriminate parking on the trunk road which would increase interference with the safety and free flow of traffic."

Below that on the document a note also states:

"The developer should demonstrate that there is sufficient parking available to ensure that no vehicles park on the trunk road to the detriment of road safety."

The Highland Council's Planning Transport Team have also raised a number of issues they wish to see resolved. 

For an application to turn the building into 9 flats that was received by the Highland Council in July 2010 Transport Scotland made no objection and for an application to turn the church into a day care facility  that was received in August 2014 Transport Scotland also did not object. 

To see the full history of planning applications in recent years for the Rosebank Chuch view this page on the Highland Council e-planning site. 


rose-tinted said...

It is odd that Transport Scotland objects to flats but did not oppose the nursery (which would have generated as much, or more, traffic!).

The objections by Transport Scotland arise because the road in front of the Church is still the A96 trunk road. This suggests that redevelopment of the Church building may not be possible until the bypass is built and the A96 through Nairn is "de-trunked". But it will still be a fairly busy road, and the intersection with Leopold Street will still be difficult.

All of which underlines the need for a wider and more comprehensive plan for the whole of the town centre - including not only this area but the Regal/Co-op/old Social Work/car-park/Finance offices area - to make it more user-friendly with better access. Reconfiguring that whole area should enable the Rosebank Church to be brought back into use.

What about (shock horror!) making the whole of the High Street and Leopold Street a car-free zone?

D.Ross said...

Agree with above^^

So 9 flats could be 9 cars upto 18 cars for the residents. The nursery, well say one car per member of staff then the peak load of parents dropping off or picking up kids. I think that is more than 18cars!

Of course there is very little car parking as the building was built before cars were common, like many houses in Fishertown, & lots of other buildings up & down the country! So what we can't use them (in a modern sense, & therefore do not meet standards) so do we knock them down??

I think TfS need to stop being so stupid, as the A96 is supposed to be dualled in the near future & therefore their objectors will be invalid. Unless they know something that we don't??

If TfS want to keep banging on about their reasons which has halted the development of the site for ages (before the nursery idea), I think they should buy the site from the owner including the recent costs of repairs & then see how they like having a "dead" building on their books!!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when the nursery got the go ahead as I couldn't see how the bairns were going to be driven to the door and dropped off/picked up given the very limited amount of parking space outside that's already reserved.

Apart from parking for nursery staff most vehicles would only be there for only a few minutes; however with flats there would be the need for a considerable number of parking spaces especially of an evening/weekend

It was a brave move to turn the church into a useful building. It's a great shame the nursery failed. Hopefully a purpose that meets planning requirements can be found soon

Anonymous said...

DRoss @9.19am, I think if you check back at past applications you will see that TfS did not have any objections with regards to the trunk road therefore the proposed developments were not held up by TfS. As far as I am aware new developments deemed to be within a town centre area do not require parking spaces within the vicinity of the building as it is anticipated that there will be adequate parking near by. I am sure there are a multitude of other reasons for the ongoing saga of this site.

Anonymous said...

It's hardly surprising that it was refused, parking in the centre of town is pretty shocking as it is, without adding to congestion on the A96. Even though parking is available nearby it's fairly apparent that large numbers of Nairnites refuse to park legally if it means having to walk an additional 10ft

As a resident I think making the whole of the High Street and Leopold Street a car free zone (with the exception of residents access, deliveries and disabled parking) isn't such a bad idea. Especially considering how badly abused the parking currently is in the High Street/Leopold Street. However, I'm not sure how businesses would feel about the impact it would have. I know a number of them have noticed a considerable impact while the High Street was closed for the gas works leaving some of them in a somewhat financially perilous condition.

Graisg said...

It hasn't been refused anon, but Transport Scotland are recommending refusal - obviously a major stumbling block that however.

Anonymous said...

Surely there will be an obligation on TfS to justify their change of position to the planning people.

Anonymous said...

My apologies Graisg I stand corrected, serves me right for skimming over the post while at work!

Certainly something needs to be done with the building. Wouldn't like to see it go the way of the Castle Hill Church in Forres, the stonework there is literally collapsing and getting to a stage of being beyond saving.


Anonymous said...

I thought everything was better in sunny Forres???

Graisg said...

@ Neil - thank you for that interesting comment, we have decided not to publish however.

Sheena Baker said...

The various public authorities needs to remember that this building had been an eyesore for years. The present owner,who lives in Canada, has tried to get it back into a fit state suitable for conversion at a huge personal cost. Half a million or close too so far has been the figure I have heard from sources close to the owner. Individuals in authority would not risk their own money -house I am quire certain so when someone dose they need to think outside their normal comfort zone.

I hope common sense prevails as Nairn has developed a reputation for saying "No" to development which really is putting the wrong message out to any one looking to set up a business in the Nairn area.

By the time the flats are built the by pass will be started so all there will be is a timing difference. The town and old bus stop car parks can accommodate that ax most folks will use their cars to go to work duties g the day time

Anonymous said...

@Sheena Baker

Where is the definite time line for completion of the Nairn Bypass published, likewise for the proposed building work to convert Rosebank church into flats if planning was granted?

Anonymous said...

Flats are town centre. No need for parking on site. Loads nearby. The wee hall is already being converted to house. We do need a bit more parking enforcement. Bring back Sandy!!

Anonymous said...

ffs,i say bring back the inverness traffic wardens,no nonsense off them,look and book,
Nairn is now a free for all,park where you want and stuff the rest of them.
you pass your test,you know the rules,illegal parking = a ticket and a fine.

Wanabee parking consultant said...

Loads nearby? Not so many spaces at the bus station now after the flats got built. Co-op owns a lot of the town centre parking, what is the situation there with residents using that overnight? Behind the library is leased by Highland Council - how long will that be for?

Anonymous said...

Nairn has more freely available town centre parking than any town I know. (Err apart from ruddy Forres where the streets are paved with gold ........)

Anonymous said...

I believe Sheena is right on this.
Alternative will be another 20+ years of an eyesore in the centre of our town.
Ideal location for "green" commuters - with a bus station across the road and a station just along the road.
Nobody should be allowed to park on the A96 - Police should simply tow away.
Inverness has issues with lack of spaces - especially as their city centre is re-populated.
On balance - this cannot have more impact than a childcare centre - so I hope that it gets the green light.
Still sorry that the childcare centre wasn't realised btw.

Anonymous said...

MAke it into a charity shop. OR a barbers. Or a charity shop. Or a barbers.