Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A96 – a town in gridlock

Iright sits it out on the A96:
Nairn is blighted by yet another attempt to improve the road surface of the A96 (Our main road through the town linking Nairn with Aberdeen and Inverness). A few months ago a similar operation was carried out to the road at the Eastern end of town. The boys with the blackstuff are back but this time they don’t seem to be so organised. This morning in the interests of the Gurn I sat in the traffic chaos. Signage seems very light. No indication to the passing motorist of what hours, nor how many days this work will take. No speed limit signs, no warning of what to me was a ramp. No sign of any work people, and although they can be clever with the traffic light system to funnel two lanes through one, it seemed to me that the lights were left for an evening bias when there is more traffic coming from Inverness. Lack of information leads to driver frustration, thus side roads in Nairn such as those at Sandside and the West end of town have become rat runs with drivers trying to beat the jams, How long will it last – no-idea, who is the contactor – no –idea (no signs). The work of the famous Bear Scotland – maybe. If you want to voice your concern contact radio Scotland travel, let them know of the Nairn traffic bedlam so that motorists may avoid the area

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Bill said...

Fortunately I chose to do some shopping today in Forres, rather than Inverness - I noticed no difference to traffic levels in that direction from usual, although of course this was just before lunctime, not at either the morning or evening rush (-;