Sunday, May 01, 2005

Let's talk about the weather

Let's change the subject. It was a real spring Nairn weekend: Saturday so hot and sunny and glorious for all outdoor activities and then it ****ed it down most of today. Friday had been sunny too but very windy and doing its best to tear the wonderful blossom off the Japanese cherry trees that are dotted around Nairn and generally remain anonymous until this time of year. Runner beans are planted but courgettes will stay under cover at the moment there have been one or two mornings when there has been a sharp frost and the danger is by no means past. It is a race at the mometn to eat all the spring borcolli before it flowers.

Wow what a relief, let's get back to talking about the weather and silly things and leave the politics to the politicians - we know the result anyway! But all the same good luck to Dave Thomson - the ideal man to get rid of Dave Stewart.

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