Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Political litter not only on the lamposts

An Iright report:

Whilst the Gurn faithfully reports and debates the political litter still adorning our lampposts, shame that web sites seem to be over looked. Nothing like using the web to promote the latest news is there? Maybe Davie can't afford the services of a web master anymore, or does he just want to be our MP forever more in the realms of cyberspace?


Graisg said...

Still living a fantasy in or out of power if you ask me!

Garry said...

Ha ha! He's a loser!

I'm pretty sure he's breaking the law there, he should have had that site down as soon as the election was called. It's what my MP did. That feeble disclaimer is, well, it's feeble.
(Apologies if you've already mentioned this before I started read. Time waits for no man, and stuff like that.)

Graisg said...

past midnight on the 17th and this website still says that Davie is our MP :-)