Monday, May 23, 2005

Sweet Charity

The past weekend saw shoppers at Nairn’ Somerfield store being offered a choice of charities to empty their pockets for. Our sometime Big Issue sales rep was there, alongside the Nairn Academy Salsa band. Have to say the band won the day in terms of the attention of the crowds flocking to the store, I hope their collecting bucket was filled. Whilst in-store your faithful reporter iRight lost his car keys. ‘Oh dearie me’ he exclaimed once outside the supermarket beside his vehicle. Much searching, retracing steps, asking store staff revealed nothing, and was advised to register the loss at the Police Station. Once home he was looking at public transport timetables (spare keys in Inverness) when our friendly cops rang to say keys matching his had been handed in. Indeed on returning to the Police Station iRight found the keys were indeed the ones he had lost – sweet charity in Nairn, and a big thank you to the honest citizen/s


Graisg said...

Well iright I must confess to a heavy cruel heart everytime I see a big issue seller lighting up a fag. Oh I'm so reactionary in my old age, let them eat Tobaco!

Glad you got your keys back and nice to know there are still honest citizens out there struggling to keep going in the 'hoodie'infested world.

Bill said...

Glad you got your keys back. I found £30 folded up on the cricket pitch a couple of years back (presumably dropped by another dog-walker), but unfortunately it was never claimed at the Police Station; eventually it found its way to the Red Cross. I think Nairn people are generally as honest as any you'll find nowadays.

I often buy a copy of the 'Big Issue'; content is of no interest to me, but at least those who need to do this are trying to support themselves, not just beg. There but ...