Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wheelie mad

Iright contributes:
Most folk (other than scaffies) probably lament the passing of the good old dustbin, beside which you could pile all sorts of rubbish for uplift. Numerous wild beasties including those heading home from local hostelories would investigate your swollen bin bags and spread your rubbish down the street. Bin lids blew away on the slightest breath of air, lids were mixed up. But, in general, the old bins could be moved and hidden away a lot more easily than the wheelie bin. Had plastic moulding of wheelie bins been a little more adventurous then we might have seen a more interesting landscape. Sculptures such as Henry Moore could have been commissioned to design a wonderful sculptural garden of shapes and themes. Local artists could have developed the cairn wheelie bin, green folk could have ones with wheels attached to use as cars. But no, we have green wheelie bins and that is that. Large, ugly, and no one likes them. If you want to be an individual though you could try this company:
Sadly our now numerous bins have been identified as a real fire hazard. Witness this dreadful story. How many of us lock our bins, and even if we did how would they be emptied?
Wheelies are world wide: http://www.wwwb.co.uk/
I have heard folk in Nairn complain that they have had to pay for lost or new wheelie bins – move to Manchester where they are http://www.greencleen.com/
Of course there is security and the threat of stolen identity. You have ‘shredded’ all the paperwork you put out for recycling haven’t you? http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread/t-36684.html
Finally a fan site of the wheelie bin (there’s always one!)

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