Monday, May 16, 2005

Help keep someone in a job leave a comment at the beeb?

Our correspondent iright comments: 'Anything to say? As icy blasts threaten to put an end to spring and herald a global warmed summer will the Gurn last it through. We need a new red sofa in town! '
Iright has spotted the latest ploy at the beeb, now setting themselves up in judgement of the blogosphere at Weblog Watch and the beeb says:
'Many critics claim that blogs have nothing to say and are pure self-indulgence. This new column, Weblog Watch, will be keeping an eye on the blogs and seeing if the criticism is justified. '
You can help keep someone in a job in the beeb my leaving a request to have your blog reviewed. Could be fun or heart-breaking to have a professional opinion? Let's see if they bother with us:-)

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