Thursday, May 26, 2005

Part of his maiden speech...

Danny Alexander that is...

constituency. I pay tribute to David Stewart, who was the member of Parliament for that constituency from 1997 and the Labour party candidate at the election.
Mr. Stewart conducted his campaign in the way he conducted himself in this House: he was understated, industrious and gentlemanly. He was a renowned campaigner on many worthy causes, and I would particularly like to highlight his work to tackle global poverty through the Jubilee 2000 movement. I wish him well for the future. Of course, the highlands of Scotland have a long and radical tradition. Hence it has been for many years a stronghold of Liberalism and now Liberal Democracy. Prior to 1997, much of my
constituency was represented by that great... '

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He said lots of nice things about the constituency but I think many thousands of his constituents might think the praise for David Stewart was a wee bitty OTT.

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Nairn said...

Should we be surprised by the happy back slapping stance of Danny Alexander (no George Galloway style blazin' oil barrel politics for us in the Highlands).
For me the last election had a level of fascination equivalent to a TV makeover program, for the leading parties in the race had little to offer me other than a possible change of the colour in power. And yes this year’s mode was to paint over the red and yellow of New Labour with well… just plain Lib Dem yellow. Now the paint has dried has anyone noticed the difference? Had we seen some in yer face bright red from the SSP, a dull conservative blue, or even a tobacco brown from the cancer party, then my political front room might have taken on a note of interest. But let us all be nice to the folk with the common shade of yellow, for that was what we all saw when we were allowed to open our eyes post the election with the utterance of a collective... oh!