Friday, May 27, 2005

Councillors’ Expenses.

Conveniently the higher up the alphabet they are the costlier they become. Vote for someone with a surname beginning with ‘A’ next time round will be the Gurn’s policy in the local elections.

Highland Council, Members’ Allowances and Expenses 04/05

Fraser L £10,848.61
MacDonald Liz £17,905.42
Matheson J £20,917.12
Park AS £25,475.14

If Laurie represents you and he manages to hit the spot, then wow what value he is compared to the rest (who, of course, must have additional responsibilities, mustn’t they?).
If we cloned Laurie so there would be four of him we could get everything done for almost half the price. Proponents of the Provost however might suggest that we get him cloned and get 4times the quality on stream plus 4 times the amount of excellent pies: (rush down to his shop on the High Street now and buy one citizens!)
Any other suggestions? Entries on the back of a Town Centre Redevelopment plan please.

1 comment:

Nairn said...

I'm sure we all think they do a grand job, and £25K is probably a snip for pencils, paperclips,etc. Good 'ole Sandy is what I say, worth every penny and maybe double it next year.
What exactly do you have to do to become this sort of worthy? I am willing to stick things on lampposts!