Saturday, May 28, 2005

Charity bash

Iright reports:
Our man with the Big Issue was knocked off his usual perch this morning outside Somerfield supermarket. Seems another charity collector had arrived on the scene first and had the store manager's permission to take the pitch (I gather Somerfields only allow one charity collection at any one time). But rather than offer his goods elsewhere (say on the High Street) Mr Issue complained to Somerfield's manager. I am sure that the good folks of Nairn dig deep to give to numerous charities, but I think Mr Issue should take his turn gracefully.

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Graisg said...

In agreement Iright. Competition was stiff for our spare cash today.
Amnesty had two young people with clip boards trying to get folk's bank details. I know it is a harsh market place out there but most of these folk used to get details are normally from out of town and doing it for an hourly rate or commision, that kind of puts me off: then again lots of folk doing time for their beliefs have had a good turn done for them by that organisation.
So two questions:
Should people be paid to collect for charity?
Is too much being made out of charity by the full-time employees at the executive end?