Monday, May 16, 2005

What a tip

An iright report:

Good to hear that Nairn’s new £350,000 pound recycling at Park Quarry will be opening soon. (I had wondered recently what the mysterious mounds of earth were at the quarry). Maybe we will be able to exchange our unwanted waste for rock dust – who knows? I was also wondering if Sandy Park would be cutting through a recycled black bag to open the facility. I was mortified on opening my paper and tin recycling bin last week to find two pieces of paper returned in the bin. I assume our diligent waste disposal collectors have calibrated callipers with which to measure the thickness of material and anything over say 120 gms is returned for the householder to dispose of elsewhere, being deemed as nasty cardboard! It got me thinking though as to what a wonderful facility this could be and was considering tipping my clean washing in the bin this week to see if it would come back all folded and ironed – I think not but would be worth a try My collection of bins could be seen as quite impressive especially if I can get a set of those nice plastic printed covers to make them look like a hedge, or a rose bush. Near election time I could cut a slot in the top of my paper and tin bin and invite politicians to drop their material directly into my new postal voting facility. I could then vote for the person who’s brochure was on top of the pile :-) oh what fun recycling is going to bring – worth every penny if you ask me

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Graisg said...

Did you get a big sticker on it telling you what you had done wrong. I know someone that did and they were well p***** off with the tone, however I haven't seen the message that was left in the box to be fair to the Highland Council. Anyway still doing our best to avoid a 'recycling numpty' ticket.
Saw one blue box with the lid off on the high street, no paper in it but full of empty bright yellow tins of Tennents lager - way to go!