Saturday, May 07, 2005

Oh the power of the press barons! Even ex Mp's have to gurn sometimes

An iright report:

I know the Blog is trying hard to move on from the election but a quick analysis of the votes shows that Don Cancer (Publican Party) managed to get more votes than the Scottish Socialist party which I find sad. But full marks to the SSP as in Nairn this evening despite defeat they were the first to be seen taking down their lamppost signs. I wonder which party will be last to do so? Davie Stewart (one time MP, once useless) has made a personal official complaint (guess he has no staff now) after an Inverness tabloid rag published his name wrongly last week and called him David Thompson (Just happens to be the name of the SNP candidate). No public comment has been forthcoming from the man himself but no-doubt the spin will be that due to this at least 4000 readers voted for the wrong candidate! Oh the power of the press barons

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Graisg said...

It's a good job that that is one dead wood journal that I don't indulge in Iright because I was already terribly confused by Davie's claims to have been representing us for so many years and that would have just blown me away - someone from the SNP voting for war!