Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Restlessness in Auldearn

Villagers just along the A96 are up in arms about a planning meeting concerning the village that was held ‘in camera’. There seems to be a lot of unease and possibly a whiff of rebellion in the air? May has always been a good month for revolutions hasn’t it? To get the full story rush out and buy the Nairnshire Telegraph: as usual the newshounds are on the trial of controversial planning decisions in Nairnshire. Go on, fork out 35 pence for all the riveting details: a must this week and every week!

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Nairn said...

Rumour is rife that there could be 200 new properties in Auldearn. Maybe it will be renamed Newdearn! Only a matter of time before East meets West and Auldearn becomes a conurbation of Nairn, which in turn will become part of the greater story, a conurbation of Inverness